Grief Meditation

Often times we are so alone in our grief, or at the very least we feel unprepared or maybe even unable to share our pain. We tend to isolate, to let the darkness of our loss close in around us. I know that there have been moments in my own grief journey that I have been met with a very trite response to the very raw, very real, and very intense emotions that are coursing through my body, and it shuts me down. It makes me feel like maybe no one really understands the depth of my loss.

One of my deepest desires as a death midwife, is to break that stigma. To not only bring death and grief front and center for people to change the dialogue around both, but I truly desire to change the way we process and support grief. I want those I work with to know that their feelings are valid, real and NORMAL. We need to change the way we process loss. We need to find a place where we are unafraid to express, feel and move through emotion.

Meditation has been huge for me as I’ve walked through loss over the last few years. It has quieted my racing mind. It has helped me to tune back in to my body. It has helped me to release emotional and physical tension in so many ways.

I’m so honored to offer a women’s meditation event on February 23rd in my home. I truly desire to come alongside those who are grieving too. To know that they are not alone. That they are seen. That they are heard. That they are loved. I want to create a space of community and love; one that embraces the raw, the real, and the intense pieces of ourselves.